The TRU Advantage

Backed by over 25 years of experience in the power plant industry, Turbine Resources Unlimited offers gas turbine component repairs, onsite inspections, engine overhauls and coatings application.


About Us

At Turbine Resources Unlimited, Inc. we understand that each electric power producer has their own site-specific needs and challenges. Our job is to help you regain your gas turbines reliability, performance and efficiency. To accomplish this, we focus on tightening up the fits and clearances of each component we repair thereby optimizing engine efficiency. We also consider all relevant background data and offer specific repair work-scopes that ultimately remove pre-existing deficiencies. TRU offers onsite turbine overhauls, component repairs and a variety of coating options to extend the life of your turbine.   We welcome your most challenging projects.

gas turbine repair services

Gas Turbine
Repair Services

We provide comprehensive repair & coating services for many heavy frame gas turbine engine configurations. We repair turbine blading, combustion hardware including fuel nozzles, combustion liners, transition pieces and turbine section nozzle assemblies. Engines serviced include General Electric Frame 3, 5, 6, 7 & 9. Westinghouse, 191, 251 & 501.

on site field service

Field Services

We provide operational and diagnostic consultation, borescope inspections, turbine engine disassembly, engine performance assessments, reassembly services and start up support. Whether it’s planning an outage, providing technical direction, or performing Combustion Inspections, HGP Hot Gas Path Inspections or performing Major Overhauls, TRU has you covered.

We will be there from start to finish and we’ll provide you with a full and comprehensive report when the job is done.

industrial and military coatings

Industrial and Military Coatings

We apply coatings that will extend the life of your industrial gas turbine or military aviation equipment. These include:

TBC Thermal Barrier Coatings

Tungsten & Chromium Carbide Hard Coatings

Diffused Aluminide Coatings

Abradable Coatings

Gas Turbine Replacement Parts

Gas Turbine Replacement Parts

We offer a variety of replacement gas turbine parts.
Conditions: New / Overhauled / Engine Run   

  • Inlet Guide Vanes
  • Compressor Stator Blades
  • Compressor Rotating Blades
  • Fuel Nozzle Assemblies
  • Combustion Liners
  • Transition Pieces
  • Turbine Nozzle Assemblies
  • Turbine Blades