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Combustion Hardware

We repair fuel nozzles, combustion liners, transition pieces and all associated hardware for every major engine type.



  • Receive parts and record serial numbers.

  • Incoming dimensional inspection.

  • Remove floating seals.

  • Aluminum oxide blast clean transition pieces to remove existing coatings.

  • NDT inspect transition piece bodies.

  • Defect Map the location and dimension of all cracks and wear.

  • Inspect the condition of transition piece body.

  • Place transition piece in functional fit fixture; measure and record any creep deflection .

  • Grind out any cracks or indications.

  • Pre-weld solution heat treatment.

  • Remove picture frame from transition piece body if required.

  • Dimensionally inspect; measure and record forward end roundness.                                    

  • NDT inspect transition piece bodies.

  • Weld repair transition piece bodies.

  • Install new picture frames on transitions.

  • Upgrade picture frame sealing slot using hard face sheet stock inlays.

  • Remove & replace “H” blocks if required.

  • Dress forward ring in way spring seal wear.

  • Plasma spray stellite coating to inlet end.

  • Apply TBC full coating to transition pieces.

  • Install new floating seals, weld retainers.

  • Package for shipment.

  • Prepare repair report and forward to customer.

      B)    Combustion Liners

  • Receive in and verify serial numbers.

  • Perform visual inspection and record findings.

  • Match mark and remove cowl caps

  • Abrasive blast to remove coating if required

  • Perform Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection and defect map

  • Visual / dimensional inspection

  • Forward inspection results to customer detailing repair recommendations.

  • Remove cross fire collars and hula skirts as required.

  • Remove areas showing excessive amounts of erosion or frettage.

  • Repair eroded or fretted areas by welding and/or sectional replacement.

  • Weld repair cracking on liner body as required.

  • Weld repair or replace liner stops.

  • Repair Fuel Nozzle Bores by blending or welding and machining.

  • Visual inspect components to ensure conformity.

  • Perform FPI on completion of repairs.

  • Perform dimensional inspection.

  • Apply TBC coating to liner body and cowl cap if required

  • Refit cowl cap to liner body and weld cap pins in place.

  • Perform final visual / dimensional inspection.







Our objective is to regain your turbines maximum output potential at a minimal cost to you. 

To accomplish this objective we consider all relevant background data and offer specific repair work-scopes that eliminate all of your unit’s preexisting deficiencies.

We offer onsite turbine overhauls, component repairs and a variety of coating options to extend the life of your turbine.   We welcome your most challenging projects.


"To build relationships that are based on trust, sustained by excellent service performance, and that optimize client return on investment."



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