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Nozzle Repair

We provide comprehensive repairs & coatings to gas turbine stationary nozzle assemblies for all major engine types.

Nozzle REPAIR - Work Scope
  • Receive and identify. 

  • Record part number and serial number.

  • Visual / dimensional inspection, check cooling holes for blockage.

  • Remove metallurgical sample for evaluation.

  • Disassemble nozzle.

  • Remove core plugs.

  • Inventory all parts.

  • Clean by grit blasting, strip coating as required.

  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI).

  • Defect map and determine repair category.

  • Rout out damage and cracks.

  • Solution heat treat.

  • Weld repair in restraining fixture.

  • Blend to original contour.

  • Adjust exit area.

  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection (FPI).

  • Post weld solution heat treat.

  • Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection.

  • Install core plugs and weld into place.

  • Assemble nozzle and perform flatness and roundness check.

  • Final visual / dimensional inspection, check cooling holes for blockage.

  • Package for shipment.

  • Prepare repair report and forward to customer.

Additional options:

  • Thermal Barrier Coating

  • T/E Coupon Repair

  • Downstream Deflection Correction

  • Thermocouple Modification

  • Diffused Aluminide Coating






Our objective is to regain your turbines maximum output potential at a minimal cost to you. 

To accomplish this objective we consider all relevant background data and offer specific repair work-scopes that eliminate all of your unitís preexisting deficiencies.

We offer onsite turbine overhauls, component repairs and a variety of coating options to extend the life of your turbine.   We welcome your most challenging projects.


"To build relationships that are based on trust, sustained by excellent service performance, and that optimize client return on investment."



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